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Cisco Call Manager Integration

Take your Cisco telephony platform to the next level by augmenting 101VOICE value added applications and services

Feel stuck with your current Cisco phone system due to CapEx or budget constraints? Accepting poor service, lack of functionality, expensive support or system inflexibility?

This doesn’t have to be the case. We’ve got a range of solutions to supplement your existing Cisco phone system.

We've made it our business to understand your challenges and constraints.

We’ve leveraged decades of experience to develop sustainable solutions that bring value. And when it comes to our Cisco Integration solutions, 101VOICE offers three options:

Replace your PRI fixed lines with 101VOICE Elastic SIP Trunks
Augment your Cisco Call Manager with 101VOICE communication services such as call center, analytics, SMS, fax and more
Seamlessly migrate to the 101VOICE phone system and retain your Cisco handsets


By leveraging your investment in Cisco technology you no longer need to rip and replace. Rather, augment. This can significantly reduce your upfront costs and provide long-term savings.


With our range of services that can be overlayed onto Cisco, you can choose from a range of features and applications that are tailored to your specific needs. This gives you increased flexibility and functionality.


Because the 101VOICE platform seamlessly integrates with Cisco, your organization now has an improved and effective way to scaled up or down as your business needs change. This can provide increased flexibility and cost savings compared to your existing Cisco phone system, which may require significant investments to accommodate growth.


The 101VOICE cloud communications platform has industry-leading collaboration features that enhances communication among your team members, improving productivity and efficiency, and at a much more competitive price point than having to add the same functionality on your existing Cisco platform.

Our Customers

"Frequently, voice services come from providers who might have a talented sales team working locally, but the actual service comes from headquarters and switching facilities across the country. With [101VOICE]’s headquarters and primary data centers locally, we are more confident that our district’s needs will be met, and any potential issues can be address quickly.”

Berryessa Union School District

“Over the years it has been a struggle to find the right telephone solutions for our organization. The systems and solutions the larger companies provided were bulky. 101VOICE turned out to be the right fit. They provided seamless transition, plus expert technicians to us through. We are enjoying the new phones, new features, and efficiencies of our new system. Above all, we are saving money which can now use to invest in our communities.”

United Way Bay Area

“In an effort to decrease our telephony services costs, bring in better management, and control over our inbound and outbound calls, we decided to explore other possible solutions and were introduced to 101VOICE. The functionality of the platform is solid while also being very reasonably priced. 101VOICE's US based support have been extremely responsive and quick to resolve issues, which is an added benefit and a much better experience than with our previous service providers”

Oak Grove School District

“101VOICE team is very professional, very responsive and a valued partner in supporting our educational program, especially during the pandemic. We appreciate all they do.”

Franklin-McKinley School District

“The greatest benefit and key selling point of the new system for our District was the low total cost of ownership. In comparison to other VOIP systems, be it on-premise, hybrid, or cloud based solutions, 101VOICE was the runaway winner in terms of cost.. Change is not always easy, but 101VOICE has made that transition a smooth one for our District. We are thrilled with our new phone system and highly recommend 101VOICE to other school districts.”

Orinda Union School District

“101VOICE is a great company that provides a reliable, easy to use phone system. We have been working with them for several years and very rarely experience any issues with our phone system. When we do need any support, their support reps are extremely knowledgeable and can resolve any issue we have usually within a matter of minutes.”

Healdsburg Unified School District

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