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Cloud Unified Communications


In an emergency, your business is legally required by the US government to provide a specific address for where you’re calling from so law enforcement or medical personnel can get there right away.

With 101VOICE, whether you’re working from an office with a suite number or a rural construction site, our emergency response system will relay your exact location to emergency services or Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) dispatchers.


Next-Generation 911 or NG-911 is an emergency response communications system that makes seamless communication possible between citizens, dispatchers, and first responders. The NG-911 infrastructure includes innovative technology and cloud-based IP networks that enable citizens in need to send potentially life-saving information to PSAPs through voice and multimedia capabilities.


Cloud Unified Communications
Cloud Unified Communications


Over 240 million calls are placed with 911 dispatchers across America every year. Nearly 80% of those calls are made from mobile devices. Unfortunately, GPS on mobile devices does not report a 100% accurate location to 911.

The answer? 101VOICE’s Mobile 911 (m-911) Call Notification.

InformaCast Integration

Informacast is a mass notification software that allows organizations to send alerts, messages, and broadcasts to multiple communication devices, including phones, computers, and speakers.

101VOICE’s integration with InformaCast devices extends effective two-way communication through the 101VOICE telephony system.

Cloud Unified Communications
Cloud Unified Communications

PA Integration

Organizations use PA (public address) systems as a means of communication to deliver announcements, messages, and other important information to students, staff, and visitors. PA systems provide a centralized and efficient way to disseminate information quickly and effectively to all areas of the school.

101VOICE’s integration with PA systems extends effective two-way communication through the 101VOICE telephony system.

Kari’s Law Compliance

Driven largely by the efforts of Kari Dunn’s father following the murder of his daughter, Kari’s Law was signed into law on February 16, 2018.

Kari’s Law applies to multi-line telephone systems (“MLTS”) “manufactured, imported, offered for first sale or lease, first sold or leased, or installed” after the compliance date of February 16, 2020.

Cloud Unified Communications
Cloud Unified Communications

ray Baum’s Act Compliance

RAY BAUM’s Act was passed into law on March 23, 2018. Section 506 requires the FCC to conclude a proceeding by September 23, 2019 that considers rules to ensure that MLTS systems convey dispatchable address (defined as: “the street address of the calling party, and additional information such as room number, or similar information necessary to adequately identify the location of the calling party”) to public safety with a 911 call. On August 2, 2019 the FCC released its Report and Order that adopted such rules and concluded its proceeding as directed by Section 506.

Alyssa’s Law Compliance

“Alyssa’s Law” is a piece of legislation named after Alyssa Alhadeff, a victim of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, in 2018. The law requires public schools in the state of New Jersey to install silent panic alarm systems that directly alert local law enforcement in the event of an emergency, such as an active shooter.

The goal of Alyssa’s Law is to provide a fast and efficient way for schools to alert authorities and get help on the scene as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency.

Cloud Unified Communications