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Faxing remains to be a crucial method of communication and should be integrated with the overall communication platform

101VOICE provides E Faxing UCaaS

Faxes are still relevant due to legal requirements, accessibility, security, and reliability. If your business needs to integrate Fax services to communication with clients, partners, or government entities securely and reliably, we’ve got you covered.

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We’ve worked with customers across various industries that use faxing as a integral part of their business and also in some cases to remain compliant with their legal requirements. 

101VOICE offers three ways we can integrate faxing into your communication platform:

 Inbound fax to email 
 Outbound email to fax
Connection of your fax machines to the 101VOICE cloud
     communications platform using Analog Terminal Adapters (ATAs)



We’ll take your existing Fax numbers and connect them to our cloud fax service where we receive all faxes, convert them to PDF and send them to you via email.


Anyone can send a fax by sending an email to our fax server with the destined number in the email address. We’ll deliver it securely and send you confirmation via email too!


We connect Fax machines and devices to our phone system using special adapters that convert analog to IP, enabling us to attach these devices as an extension on the phone system.

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