Galaxy managed Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi technology changes drastically, so it is hard for companies to keep up with the expenses of new technology. 101VOICE Enterprise wireless (Galaxy Wi-Fi) service helps you to save your budget with better capacity and coverage.

This service simplifies WLAN and its management by cutting the cost of ownership and applying cloud technology. Through a single web dashboard or mobile friendly browser, you will be able to Provision, monitor, and troubleshoot your entire Wi-Fi network.

Our Galaxy Wi-Fi service helps you to take out the complexity of deploying and managing your Wi-Fi. You will be able to manage a long list of Wi-Fi demands with minimum staff.

  • Setup APs and new site virtually in minutes
  • Simplified and user friendly Intuitive web interface
  • Enterprise class security and functionality at affordable pricing.

We use RUCKUS APs which are known for their exceptional Wi-Fi performance even under the most demanding environment to enhance both users and administrators experience.

List of compatible access points can find here.


Why Galaxy Wi-Fi?

  1. Fully hosted and managed carrier class wireless controller powered by Ruckus at your service.
  2. The Galaxy Wi-Fi service free you up from any maintenance, upgrades or obsolesce of controllers
  3. Use industries best in class wireless Access Point powered by Ruckus to take advantage of our Galaxy Wi-Fi controller in your environment.


Simple, Intuitive Cloud Managed Wi-Fi +

  • Use same number of APs to serve more users or use fewer APs to cover the area
  • Provide a great Wi-Fi experience interface or physical environment.
  • Make sure that each user is connected and get sufficient bandwidth

Intent-Driven User Interface

  • Manage the WLAN easily with minimum skills and experiences
  • Faster WLAN management
  • Add new sites faster
  • Maximize network uptime and minimize status checking by critical event auto-notification
  • Venue driven design speeds and simplifies network configuration

Guest Management

  • Customize your captive portals to promote your brand
  • Quicker and easier guest access with social login and email/SMS guest passes (Hotspot 2.0)
  • Set up dedicated and separate workflows for sponsored guest and self-help guest Wi-Fi configurations.