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Improving the Citizen Experience with UCaaS for Government

Explore how UCaaS for government can help improve the citizen experience and facilitate smoother government communications.

Innovative solutions for local government communications challenges

In an ideal world, quick and helpful communication with local governments would be the norm. Realistically, contacting municipal services and finding critical information can offer a frustrating citizen and employee experience. 

Government services traditionally rank lower on customer satisfaction than private institutions, often hurting trust and straining resources. However, organizations that reorganize their operations to prioritize citizen experience receive benefits from citizen and employee stakeholders alike, with organizations seeing increased engagement while decreasing call and caller-wait time [McKinsey].

101VOICE, a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provider, specializes in government UCaaS solutions that can overcome every communication challenge cities and counties face, promoting transparency, increasing accessibility, improving efficiency, and building citizens’ trust and community engagement.  

Let’s consider the real-world benefits of digitally transforming government communication infrastructure: 

Streamlining Complicated Municipal Department Directories

One common frustration citizens experience is trying to reach the correct department. Dialing into the wrong department is time-consuming and potentially exacerbating for administrators and citizens alike. Even when the correct department is contacted, wait times could extend a four-minute task to an hour!

Local governments should be empowered with intelligent call routings designed to minimize wait times and increase efficiency. With IVR navigation and various automated call distribution methods supported by UCaaS, it’s never been easier for customers to reach someone who can help. Automated response capabilities can help citizens get quick answers to common queries, while call analytics for government agencies can evaluate and optimize their current telephone system.

Staying Connected with Emergency Communications 

Government services must be accessible at all times – even through natural disasters, public health emergencies, or safety issues. In these critical emergencies, getting hold of civil services can be a matter of life and death. UCaaS can continue government communications in these critical states, regardless of a network or power issue, enabling workers to react, communicate, collaborate, and coordinate. This UCaaS solution is known as ‘site survivability’, and it allows government workers to communicate effectively with each other and their communities despite power outages or network issues. 

Enabling Secure Communication On The Go

Government employees who constantly deal with privacy-sensitive information can feel tied to their desks. Since personal devices lack the necessary security safeguards, they have to schedule their time around their desk phones for safe, effective communication.

Having encrypted softphone access, which UCaaS can enable, allows secure conversation for government organizations, even when on the move. Employees have the flexibility to take conversations, access their call history, and check voicemail messages from their office lines while working from home, at site visits, and even in transit. 

Overcoming Outdated Infrastructure Challenges 

Government organizations tend to lack the ability and resources to modernize their infrastructure. With shared funding and strict spending guidelines, departments seem to have little opportunity to change their current communication systems.

However, Joint Power Agreements (JPAs) empower government institutions of all shapes and sizes with a cost-effective method of purchasing public utilities. Obtaining or upgrading government VoIP phone services through a vetted JPA, such as SPURR, is more affordable, easier to maintain, and can reduce the cumbersome time taken during the whole evaluation process.

Addressing Budget Constraints

Budget limitations are also a reality for many local governments. As much as citizens may think it’s an unreasonable excuse, keeping communication systems updated can indeed be challenging with limited resources. 101VOICE’s UCaaS services address this by offering flexible and scalable solutions. These systems can be adjusted as needed, providing valuable features like call analytics and automated responses for common inquiries. With little effort, administrators can closely manage costs and budgets. 

Improving Government Collaboration

Effective collaboration and sharing of information between local government departments can be complex. With solutions like 101VOICE Fax services that transfer files securely, offer shared voicemail and conference calling, and integrations with Microsoft Teams, inter-organizational and intra-organizational communication issues will be a thing of the past. 

Note: Microsoft Teams integrations are particularly useful, as they facilitate text chats, secure file sharing, and online meetings in a familiar Microsoft environment.

101VOICE’s Government UCaaS Communications Solutions 

To assist local governments, 101VOICE offers a range of comprehensive solutions that can be tailored to your exact needs. We have designed all our tools to facilitate better communication and meet the unique challenges faced by local governments. This includes site survivability, UCaaS, mobile softphones, and faxing solutions. Your local government organization can overcome most of your communication challenges by adopting UCaaS solutions from 101VOICE. At the end of the day, it’s about facilitating excellent community engagement and communication through innovative solutions that you can trust.

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