Your trusted partner for maximizing educational institutions’ technology investment since 2009.

With over 16 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of campus communication, networks, and security, 101VOICE provides tailored UCaaS and emergency response solutions for educational institutions. Our comprehensive offerings ensure your campus operates smoothly and safely, empowering educators and students to thrive.

Premier Cloud Communications and UCaaS Solutions for the Education Sector

101VOICE is an award-winning, leading cloud telephony provider. Our hosted telephony or cloud communication platform includes all the traditional features and functions you expect, plus unique and special purpose tools and features for greater and enhanced value.

The cornerstones of the value we deliver to each and every 101VOICE customer are:
Exceptional customer service

Our Tier-1 network infrastructure is protected by CloudFlare Magic-Transit, AT&T Switched Ethernet technologies and secure LTE or Satellite data-links for resiliency and reliable at all-time.


Your trusted partner for maximizing educational institutions’ technology investment since 2009. 

Benefits of 101VOICE’s education solutions

Cost-effective Cloud Telephony

Reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) with our low-cost VoIP systems hosted in the cloud. Pay only for the features you use, and take advantage of competitive call rates lower than traditional phone providers.

Reliable Support and Maintenance

Experience top-notch US-based technical support available via phone, chat, and email. Our team of experts ensures your phone system is up and running smoothly, with long-term hardware warranties and full-service maintenance included.

Smooth Transition and Onboarding

Simplify the transition to a new phone system with our personalized onboarding and customization services. We optimize your network for VoIP traffic and offer professional installation, number porting, and network assessment for UCaaS solutions.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Safeguard your communications with encryption, two-factor authentication, and robust measures to protect voice and video data. Our solutions comply with industry regulations like Kari’s Law and NG-911 and utilize STIR/SHAKEN technology to prevent robocalls.

Transparent Billing

Enjoy transparent billing practices where you’re not charged before your ‘go live’ date. Benefit from consistent discounts, whether you choose annual or monthly billing.

Reliable cloud-based telephony solutions for educational institutions

101VOICE knows the importance of effective and reliable communication solutions for educational institutions. Our years of experience and expertise ensure your campus remains connected, safe, and ready for the future of education.

Text broadcasting

Reach your entire list with the same effort it takes to reach one person. Enjoy double or triple the effectiveness of traditional email or direct mail marketing with text broadcasting.

Overhead paging

Quickly reach everyone in the building with quick and easy bell and overhead paging system integration.

Emergency Services

Fast, accurate emergency response routing or dispatchable location with Mobile 911 Call Notification.

Cloud Communication

Flexible, simple, affordable, scalable, and mobile phone systems for seamless communication.


Enjoy all the benefits of your traditional landline phone, plus better technology and reduced costs.

Our Customers

Webinar Alert!

We hosted an expert-led webinar on the latest in emergency response services for educational institutions.

Watch the recording now to learn more about the impact of new 911 services legislation and how to stay compliant.

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