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Reliable voice solutions to ensure efficient, secure, and compliant communication between healthcare organizations and patients.

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Communication is vital in the healthcare industry, and at 101VOICE, we recognize its critical role in providing quality care. Our reliable cloud communication solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of healthcare organizations, ensuring seamless and secure communication across multiple locations.

Improve your patients’ experience with 101VOICE’s reliable voice solutions

101VOICE is an award-winning, leading cloud telephony provider. Our hosted telephony or cloud communication platform includes all the traditional features and functions you expect, plus unique and special purpose tools and features for greater and enhanced value.

The cornerstones of the value we deliver to each and every 101VOICE customer are:
Exceptional customer service

Our Tier-1 network infrastructure is protected by CloudFlare Magic-Transit, AT&T Switched Ethernet technologies and secure LTE or Satellite data-links for resiliency and reliable at all-time.


Elevate Patient Care and Security with Tailored Voice Solutions for Healthcare Organizations.

Benefits of 101VOICE’s healthcare solutions

Enhanced Patient Experience 

Improve patient satisfaction with efficient and reliable communication solutions. Our cloud-based systems enable seamless coordination among healthcare teams, improving patient care and experiences. 

Proactive Networking Monitoring 

Stay ahead of potential issues with our active and proactive services that improve data communication and minimize costly downtime risks. Focus on your patients while we take care of your communication infrastructure.

Streamlined Call Center Solutions 

Our cloud call center solutions are designed to increase customer loyalty. Benefit from advanced call routing, supervisor interaction, and call recording features to provide exceptional support to patients and stakeholders. Watch it in action here

Secure Electronic Fax 

Simplify communication and reduce paper waste with our electronic fax service. Faxes are securely delivered to your email inbox as PDF attachments, ensuring confidential patient information remains protected.

101VOICE and HIPAA Compliance

Protecting your patients’ data is a top priority in healthcare. Our HIPAA-compliant VoIP systems ensure that your organization meets the strict security and privacy standards set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). With 101VOICE, you can rest assured that your patients’ trust and confidentiality are upheld.


Uphold patient privacy through state-of-the-art email encryption.


Safeguard voice data and networks through predefined encryption policies .


Ensure compliance with VoIP call recording regulations.


Secure telemedicine advancements.

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