Informacast Integration

Integrating Singlewire InformaCast Fusion with 101VOICE telephony can help to enhance communication, increase safety, improve productivity, and provide a more accessible solution for alert and notification delivery

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When you need to get a message out in a hurry, leveraging all the tools you have needs to be quick and easy to operate. 101VOICE’s integration with InformaCast mass broadcast system is the solution.

InformaCast Integration with 101VOICE telephony

Informacast is a mass notification software that allows organizations to send alerts, messages, and broadcasts to multiple communication devices, including phones, computers, and speakers.

101VOICE’s integration with InformaCast devices extends effective two-way communication through the 101VOICE telephony system.

Benefits include:

Two-way intercom between a 101VOICE desk phone and an InformaCast speaker
Dialing a number to trigger InformaCast to send a Notification


InformaCast allows for quick and effective communication with students, staff, and parents, ensuring that important messages and alerts are received in a timely manner.


With InformaCast, schools can send emergency alerts and notifications in the event of a crisis, helping to keep students and staff safe.


By automating messages and broadcasts, Informacast can help reduce administrative tasks and free up staff time for more important tasks.


Informacast allows for customization of alerts and notifications, enabling schools to target specific groups of individuals and tailor messages to their needs.

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