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Microsoft Teams Integration

The power of connecting MS Teams to the 101VOICE network and telephony applications

Integration the way you need it, for calling services, connecting your PBX handsets as an extension of MS Teams, or supplementing MS Teams with 101VOICE UCaaS applications.

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We get it, you use MS Teams for team and stakeholder collaboration. On the other side you have a phone system that runs independently. These two powerhouses need to talk to each other, and work together as one. 101TEAMS delivers just this.

Unifying MS Teams, Public Calling & Enterprise Telephony

It’s no secret that your enterprise phone system (including your handset range) is one of your business’s most significant investments. It’s only fitting that your phone system effectively serves the best interests of your organization.

101VOICE offers a range of solutions to help you achieve the most value from integrating MS Teams with the other telephony services you use. 

  • Teams: Inbound/Outbound Calling
  • Teams: Extension Dialing
  • Teams: Feature Code Dialing
  • Teams: Hold/Resume
  • Teams: Teams Music on Hold
  • Teams: Transfer to PSTN
  • PBX: Transfer to PSTN
  • Teams: Transfer to Extension
  • PBX: Transfer to Extension
  • Teams: Transfer to Teams
  • PBX: Transfer to Teams
  • Teams: Park
  • PBX: Park
  • Teams: Add a PSTN/Extension Caller
  • Teams: Add a Teams Caller
  • Teams: Contact Management
  • Teams: Call History
  • Teams: Inbound Caller ID
  • Teams: Outbound Caller ID
  • Voicemail Notification
  • Voicemail Access
  • Feature Codes
  • Softkey configurations
  • Existing PBX/Contact Center Portal
  • Quick Codes
  • Presence: PBX master

Using 101TEAMS to get the best of both worlds

101TEAMS offers a choice of solutions for integration MS Teams:


Moving your phone numbers from your incumbent operator to the 101VOICE network. Use 101VOICE as your phone line operator (we do this by offering external lines or SIP trunks that can connect to MS Teams) and give you a competitive calling plans.


Leverage the 101VOICE platform for tools MS teams doesn’t have (and lower the cost while doing it!). Use your existing handsets alongside Teams so that you can answer Teams calls on your handset.


Use Direct Routing to bring calling to to MS Teams through the 101VOICE phone system which gives you flexibility to choose various phone providers, easily allow rapid service scaling, saving money and accessing more capabilities and functionality.

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