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Migrate telephony providers and keep your existing handsets

Migrate telephony providers and keep your existing handsets

Migrate telephony providers and keep your existing handsets

There’s a saying that goes, “Not all phones are created equal”. Now, that may be true, but since replacing handsets is one of the costlier elements of any phone system investment, you ideally want to be able to hold onto your investment for as long as possible.

Businesses often stick with their current phone system providers because of limited CapEx or budget – even when it hurts the company’s progress. They accept poor service, lack of functionality, expensive support and inflexible systems, all because the narrative is: “If you want the latest and greatest technology, you need to buy new handsets.”

Suppose you invest thousands (or hundreds of thousands) in handsets. You’re going to want your money’s worth if you can’t evolve without changing hardware. Your business would be stuck with an inadequate phone system or phone provider that has failed to deliver on the agreed service levels and support standards. 

In the industry, we call this vendor-lock in. It makes it extremely difficult for companies to move providers because it would mean replacing a component that typically carries the highest capital investment – the handset.

Mainstream phone system providers, especially at enterprise level and those with proprietary technology, insist that you purchase new handsets, specifically ones they manufacture and deliver with their solution.

We’ve seen too many businesses in desperate need of a better telephony solution trapped with an outdated, inflexible and expensive phone system. They are told that their handsets cannot handle the new technology or that it’s too costly to upgrade their handsets with the latest technology. So, we at 101VOICE said, “No more!”

#UseYour101VOICE to overcome this kind of hurdle

Our award-winning 101VOICE hosted telephony platform is becoming increasingly popular among public and private sector organizations. We deliver next-generation phone systems and unified communications (UC) capabilities, allowing you to bring your existing handsets. It eliminates the need to reinvest in new handsets!

You’re not as stuck as other people might tell you that you are. There is a way to access innovative telephony solutions while leveraging their existing investment. We want schools, hospitals and executive teams to experience the interoperability and integration that our system offers. In short, we want to help you optimize your telecommunications and Return On Investment (ROI).

Our solution is aimed at helping your supply chain, IT service and support, and ultimately, giving you the best telephony solutions without unnecessary spending. It allows you to quickly take advantage of the newest technologies and replace your handsets over time if needed.

More reasons to partner with 101VOICE:

  • We have extensive experience helping organizations move PBX providers without changing handsets, including several in government, healthcare and education.
  • We consult with you to optimize your telecommunications infrastructure and give you easy access to features like UC, hosted telephony, video conferencing and instant messaging.
  • We are ready and willing to do these things for you to help your organization do the same.

If you’d like to talk to our experts here at 101VOICE about moving PBX providers and keeping your existing handsets and find out what we can do for you regarding this, please reach out to start a conversation about the next steps.

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