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With our innovative POTS over LTE solution, you can enjoy crystal clear voice quality and seamless communication, without having to worry about the limitations and maintenance costs associated with traditional fixed lines.

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Businesses should never feel like they are hostage to ageing infrastructure, which also impacts the providers ability to support and service their needs. Now, business can move from legacy connectivity to IP-based connection over the LTE network with 101VOICE.

What is POTS over LTE & what’s the Problem?

POTS or Plain Old Telephone Service are the traditional phone services businesses used for voice, fax, etc. It is analog phone systems that rely on copper wires for service. This infrastructure is over 100 years old, difficult to maintain and support, and even harder to replace.

Since August 2022, the FCC has mandated providers to phase out copper POTS lines. This has caused a lot of uncertainty and stress for many businesses.


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101VOICE to the rescue

With the 101VOICE, we’re we’re able to digitally transform POTS services. Now, enterprise companies have an easy, cost- effective way to transition to new digital communication solutions. We enable any company to seamlessly move from old, legacy telephone systems to new IP/4G LTE solutions. It’s proven to be the most effective move away from outdated and expensive analog lines but keep all their special functionality.

Fast and reliable bi-directional Voice over Internet Protocol
(VoIP) call completion
Easy and Instant DX (Digital Transformation)
Immediate ROI


Replacing POTS with 101VOICE POTS-Over-LTE will transform your operations


One of the biggest benefits of using POTS over LTE as a replacement to traditional fixed line telephony is the potential for cost savings. POTS over LTE typically requires less infrastructure and maintenance compared to traditional fixed lines, which can result in lower costs for businesses.


POTS over LTE is a wireless solution, which offers greater flexibility than traditional fixed line telephony. Businesses can use the service anywhere there is LTE coverage, allowing them to work from remote locations or move their operations to new locations without having to worry about reconfiguring their phone system.


POTS over LTE uses the high-speed LTE network for voice calls, which can result in improved call quality compared to traditional fixed lines. This can lead to a better customer experience and increased productivity for businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

POTS over LTE can provide similar call quality as traditional fixed lines, if not better. The voice calls are transmitted over the LTE network, which provides high-speed and reliable connectivity, ensuring clear and stable calls.

POTS over LTE services are generally reliable and secure. The LTE network provides a stable connection, and the service is often encrypted to protect against eavesdropping and other security threats. However, it’s important to research the specific service provider and their security measures to ensure that the service meets your business’s needs.

We may be able to use your existing phones. Give us a call to determine and confirm exactly what is required.

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