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The UTM480 is an advanced Unified Threat Management system built around automation to help simplify complex networks that have VoIP, HIPAA and PCI compliance requirements.
  • Traffic Management

    Automatic 2-Way Traffic Shaping. The UTM480 can detect the “real” streaming speed of your connection and auto-prioritize the traffic of your VoIP/Video calls.
  • Firewall Security

    Your network is protected from even the latest security threats, as it’s updated all day, every day – unlike many firewalls that become outdated rather quickly.
  • HIPAA & PCI Compliant

    HIPAA and PCI complaint right out of the box. With regulations constantly changing, the soluction actively makes adjustments to help you avoid risks.
  • Voice Prioritization

    The UTM480 comes equipped with technology to give you excellent call quality, even with low speed network connections.
  • MOS Score Diagnostics

    Stay on top of your network quality, and get a MOS rating for every call. Make sure your team is coming across clearly to the users on the other end.