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Site Survivability

Reliable communication during network outages for continued productivity and peace of mind.

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Seamless Worry-Free Failover Backup


Internet outages happen, but our Voice Border Element (VBE) technology reduces its impact on your daily operations. Our VBE retains your IP address while conducting a seamless hot failover so you'll never notice the switch to secondary connections.


Incorporate multiple backup WAN connections; including LTE failover, secondary wired, or high-altitude satellite connections. If the primary connection fails, keeping your phones working and enabling staff to continue crucial operations.


Our system can increase the quality of your everyday conversations. Reduce noise, latency, jitter, and packet loss by sampling from multiple WAN connections and directing bandwidth allocation to prioritize your VLAN network.

A network with 99.999% Uptime.

Be prepared for any hiccup in your service, especially when being online is crucial for everyday operations. When a network failure occurs, the 101VOICE Site Survivability solution can transition from the primary WAN to secondary and even tertiary WAN connections.

Our cutting-edge failover technologies, supported by LTE and satellite options, give you guaranteed quick, reliable, and secure backup solutions. Protect your VoIP phone system and ensure your organization has complete backup support.

Our VBE technology integrates multiple new technologies to provide everyday quality-of-life improvements to your VoIP telephony.

101VOICE Site Survivability enables all VLAN connected endpoints to access secondary and tertiary WAN networks for continuous connectivity.


Never drop a call with persistent IP, seamlessly switch from one WAN connection to another without any session interruption.


Combines the speed and bandwidth of multiple WAN connections.


Increase your audio quality with WAN smoothing to create a single, jitter-free data stream.


Protect your data at rest and in motion with VPN connectivity through secondary connections.

“When we were on the CallManager we had multiple PRI outages, when it rained, we had an outage. Since we went with 101VOICE we haven’t had those issues.”

Raymond Mar
IT Director, City of  San Pablo

Award Winning Site Survivability For All Your Devices.

✔ Voice over IP/UCaaS

✔ InformaCast

✔ 911 Calls

✔ 911 Callback

✔ Outside Calls

✔ Internal Calls

✔ Site-to-site communication

TMC Internet Telephony SD-WAN Product of the Year Award 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

LTE and Satellite Backup Failover are alternative connections that ensure you stay connected to the internet when your primary WAN connection gets interrupted for any reason. When the primary connection gets severed, our failover solution provides a seamless hot failover to these other routes.

A wide area network, WAN, is what connects people to the internet, more specifically it is the connection that allows people to communicate with devices and servers across the world. The local area network, LAN, is a connection between devices in smaller geographical areas such as a house or campus. The VLAN is a specific kind of LAN that can tell when the connected device is for a cloud communication network. Multi-wan technology and VLAN traffic management is how our 101VOICE site survivability solution is able to keep your cloud telephony system running.

Our failover solutions may seem crucial for sites that encounter frequent internet outages, have limited bandwidth, or unreliable internet speeds, but really it’s the ideal solution for any organization that relies on real-time communication and collaboration. It’s impossible to predict network disruptions, but the failover solution helps all organizations stay prepared and mitigate downtime.

The 101VOICE Site Survivability package provides full connectivity for any VLAN connected endpoint. Traditionally, site survivability solutions limit functionality of your devices; only enabling a few core features such as emergency communications or few simultaneous calls across your entire organization. With 101VOICE you have full connectivity for all your cloud communication devices whether IP Phone, door phone, or mass emergency notification system.

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