Site Survivability

Keeping you connected, when it counts most.

101VOICE ensures site survivability, whether it is a single-site campus located in a rural area, or a multi-site campus spread across various locations, 101VOICE has the expertise and technology to keep your campus connected and secure.

The reliance on internet connectivity can be a scary fact. If the internet is down, business often comes to a complete halt. Luckily, 101VOICE has developed a solution to ensure site survivability and keep your business connected, when it counts most.

Achieve Unbreakable VoIP with 101VOICE!

With the increasing reliance on internet connectivity for day-to-day activities, enterprises must have backup solutions in place in the event of an outage.

LTE and satellite backup with our intelligent failover technologies will provide fast, reliable, and secure backup solutions in case of an interruption in service, especially if it will affect your VoIP phone system and cloud-based applications, thereby adding full redundancy to your organization.

Single-site or multi-site connectivity solutions
Optimization and bonding of multiple connectivity technologies
Seamless fail-over of internal & external communication
Maintain compliance of Emergency routing and broadcast announcements

site survivability



Combines the speed and bandwidth of multiple WAN connections.


Use multiple WAN connections to create a single, jitter-free data stream.


Seamlessly switch from one WAN connection to another without any session interruption.


Offers the benefits of IPSEC, but supplemented with a variety of performance and reliability functions.

Our Site Survivability Solution provides invaluable benefits to any organization


Whether due to weather, nearby construction, or other reasons, internet outages happen. Your campus communication connection seamlessly switching to a backup ensures that your staff and faculty can continue to perform their activities without losing connectivity.


By having multiple backup options, your campus can ensure that communication lines are maintained even in the case of a major disaster. These options can include satellite, LTE, or even both, giving you the peace of mind that your communication lines will remain active and secure


With constant communication, your team can stay informed about any potential threats or issues and take action quickly. In the event of a disaster, it’s vital to have an effective communication system in place to ensure everyone is safe and informed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

LTE and Satellite Backup Failover is a comprehensive solution that provides continuous connectivity for campuses, even in the face of network interruptions or major disasters. With multiple backup options, seamless switching, and constant communication, this solution ensures that staff, faculty, and students can remain connected and productive no matter what.

LTE and Satellite Backup Failover is especially important for campuses with multiple locations and those located in rural areas where internet outages can significantly impact productivity and safety. It can be an ideal solution for any campus that relies on real-time communication and collaboration between different locations and needs to ensure continuity of communication and the safety of all stakeholders.

101VOICE’s LTE and Satellite Backup Failover provides a comprehensive solution for maintaining connectivity on campus with multiple backup options, seamless switching, and constant communication. Our expertise and technology can help any campus, regardless of size or location, to stay connected and secure even under the most challenging circumstances. We provide peace of mind for administrators, staff, and students alike, ensuring the continuity of communication and the safety of all stakeholders on the campus.

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