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Our Enterprise support system is designed for you to have a direct service relationship with us, so you can better understand and utilize your service.

Our free, unlimited post-implementation support includes:

  1. Phone technical support.
  2. Software updates.
  3. Hardware replacement options.
  4. Web-based administrator and end-user training.
  5. Access to online support resources and tools.

*Personalized, onsite-services are also available for an additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check if your phone shows an IP address. If not, check your internal network; including phone cable, jack-on-the-wall, etc.

If your phone does have an IP address, reboot the phone to see if that resolves the issue. If you are still getting a registration failed message, attach a computer to the network by using your phone’s ethernet cable. Please disconnect your computer from the wi-fi network.

If your call quality is bad, there is an issue with your internal network or internet bandwidth. Please contact your IT company or internet service provider to check them.

Unplug your phone’s power source and wait 15 seconds before plugging it back into your phone. The device will automatically reboot and SIP register. If your phone still does not work, please contact 101VOICE support at

You may have turned on the DND (Do Not Disturb) on your phone. Press the DND soft key to turn it off.

Check the Ethernet cable and make sure it is connected to the port with 3 connected dots. If it is plugged in correctly, you need to check the jack on the wall or the switch.