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UCaaS: The Future of Patient-Centered Healthcare Communication

UCaaS for Healthcare

How Unified Communications as a Service Is Transforming Healthcare

The last thing you want when you’re calling your healthcare provider for urgent medical advice, is to be stuck on hold for what seems like hours. This frustrating experience is far too common; a recent survey found that a staggering 81% of patients are dissatisfied with their healthcare interactions. The culprit? Communication breakdowns. However,UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) is revolutionizing the way healthcare works, streamlining communication for both providers and patients.

What is UCaaS and Why Does It Matter for Healthcare Providers?

UCaaS is a cloud-based, communication system that brings together essential healthcare communication tools, including business phones, team messaging, and file sharing under one easy-to-manage platform. 

For healthcare, this means:

  • Enhanced Patient Experience: Streamline patient communication via simple voice-commands, enabling easy communication with doctors and departments.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Empower medical teams to collaborate with secure conference calling, messaging, and file exchange to make a more informed and comprehensive care plan.
  • Improved Doctor-Patient Relationships: Build trust and communication between patients with doctors with personal, direct business lines.
    Guaranteed Security: Safeguard the sensitive health data of your patients with HIPAA-compliant protocols.

The Patient Experience: How UCaaS Makes a Difference

As a UCaaS-enabled healthcare provider, your patients are given the following benefits:

  • More Accessibility: UCaaS makes it easier to get care when you need it, whether through online appointment options, video consultations, or quick text-based inquiries.
  • Reduced Stress: Reduce complex department directories and have one easy to remember number for anyone looking to make a call to your staff. .
  • Reach Help:  Reach your projected service level agreement with call routing options to connect with your staff.

Personalized Solutions, Ongoing Partnership

101VOICE recognizes that every healthcare organization has specific requirements. We design custom UCaaS solutions to be perfectly aligned with your workflows and goals. Our commitment extends beyond implementation – we’re your long-term communication partner, helping you maximize the value of your UCaaS investment.

101VOICE Features to Optimize Your Healthcare Communication

  • Holiday and after hours routing: Ensures patients reach the appropriate contact even outside regular business hours or on holidays.
  • Shared call lines: Allows for sharing of lines among team members for seamless communication and improved patient care.
  • Auto Attendant: Streamline calls and direct patients to the right resources quickly.
  • E-Faxing: Securely send and receive faxes digitally, keeping patient data protected.
  • Advanced Call Routing: Get calls to the right person or department, improving efficiency and patient experience.
  • HD Voice Calls: Crystal-clear audio eliminates misunderstandings and improves care discussions.
  • Voicemail to Text: Quickly review messages without needing to listen to voicemails.
  • Call Analytics: Gain insights into call patterns and performance to make informed decisions.
  • Teleconferencing: Facilitating virtual meetings and consultations for remote collaboration and patient care. While increasing access to healthcare services for patients who prefer remote consultations.

101VOICE: Your UCaaS Partner in Healthcare

With years of experience serving healthcare clients, 101VOICE understands the vital role communication plays in delivering exceptional patient care. We’ve partnered with a wide range of healthcare providers, from hospitals to private practices, tailoring UCaaS solutions to meet their unique needs.

Our key benefits include:

  • HIPAA-Compliant Communication: Rest assured that your communication systems meet the strictest security and privacy standards for protecting patient information.
  • Uninterrupted Service: Our Site Survivability features ensure your communication lines stay up and running, even during unexpected network disruptions.
  • Effortless Setup: Get started quickly with our white-glove provisioning and plug-n-play installation.
  • Always-Available Support: Our free, unlimited support includes technical assistance and software updates.
  • Flexible and Scalable: Easily add or remove telephone lines from your account as your healthcare organization grows.

Beyond HIPAA: Protecting Your Data

Security is paramount. We go beyond HIPAA compliance, maintaining industry-leading security certifications like SOC 2, and implementing robust disaster recovery plans. Your sensitive patient information is always protected, and your ability to communicate remains uninterrupted.

Focus on What Matters Most: Your Patients

101VOICE empowers you to elevate communication standards, leading to better outcomes and satisfaction across your entire healthcare ecosystem.  By handling your communication infrastructure, we let you prioritize what truly matters – delivering exceptional patient care.

Reach out to us today to explore how 101VOICE’s tailored solutions can transform your healthcare communication!

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