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What is it?

The Voice Border Element (VBE) is a hardware, session border controller, appliance custom-made for regulating VoIP traffic. It applies network traffic management to ensure a clear, consistent, and reliable voice communication experience across all your organizational devices..

Voice Border Element (VBE) Isographic

Benefits for your organization

Multiple WAN connections

Simultaneously, use multiple wired or wireless connections to improve the quality of your calls by increasing bandwidth available and sampling from multiple network channels.

Automated Management

Intelligent and adaptable system that can adjust your network in response to the health of your primary connection so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Hot Failover

In case of primary connection failure, automatically switch to secondary or tertiary network connections without any disruption.

Traffic Steering

Improve the customer experience by optimizing your network to prioritize communication channels and increase throughput.

Forward Error Correction

Reduce the noise in your conversations while conserving bandwidth by re-transmitting data only when an error occurs.

AES Encryption

Protect your data in transit and at rest; 256-bit encryption ensures your confidential information is kept safe from bad actors.

Reduce Costs

Adapt to your organizational needs as the VBE is a scalable solution which produces greater visibility and control over your communication systems.

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Allowing for a fast and simple installation and deployment process, the hardware appliance comes pre-provisioned and configured to your organization.

Remote Support

Stop waiting for technicians as our support staff can utilize the VBE to help with remote troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Multi-vendor interoperability

Save money by reusing your SIP devices, the VBE’s SIP normalization enables device interoperability across different brands.

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