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What does Five 9s Availability Mean?

What does Five 9s Availability Mean?

Preventing Disruption with Five 9s Uptime

Whether the busiest time of the year or the easiest, when your communications go down, it can bring your operations to a screeching halt. Being unreachable can have disastrous results; patients can no longer reach their care team and parents are unable to contact their children’s school.

In our hyper-connected world, such scenarios are not merely hypothetical; they’re the stuff of nightmares for agencies of all sizes. This is where services with “Five 9s” Availability and Uptime become critical for uninterrupted connectivity and organizational success. 

What does 99.999% Uptime Mean?

99.999% Uptime, commonly known as Five 9s availability , refers to the percentage of time a  system is accessible to users throughout the  year. This can include Learning Management Systems, Healthcare Portals, and especially your phone service. A service that has a 99.999% uptime means you’re encountering downtime for at most 5 minutes and 15 seconds each year. That’s less downtime than a single coffee break!

While all providers strive for 100% availability, scheduled maintenance, upgrades, and unforeseen circumstances can lead to unavoidable downtime.  However, a key difference in providers is how quickly they are able to respond and get systems back and running to full functionality. 99.999% uptime simply guarantees that no matter the issue, your system will be operational in no time.

Do I need Five 9s availability?

Five 9s availability is considered the gold standard for any digital service. For UCaaS solutions, where communication is the backbone of an organization’s success, maintaining continuous availability is paramount. While 99% uptime might sound good on paper, it actually means you’re unreachable for one entire business day per month. For some organizations it’s vital to minimize downtime as much as possible.

Five 9s Chart 101VOICE 

A recent study by Uptime Institute found that the average cost of a data center outage is a staggering $74,000 per hour. This emphasizes the critical role that five 9s uptime plays in mitigating financial losses associated with communication disruptions.

The consequences of downtime for phone services can be significant, especially in critical sectors like:

    • Education: Outages can significantly impact campus productivity and safety. Administrative services grind to halt with no way to communicate with contractors, parents, or staff. Additionally, schools are unable to coordinate with emergency services, delaying response times in critical situations.
    • Government: Time-sensitive communication fosters trust between government agencies and their communities.  Citizens depend on phone communication to report emergencies, get help filing for licenses, and accessing resources.
    • Healthcare: Communication in healthcare is paramount. Delays in communication due to downtime can disrupt critical aspects of patient care, and delay crucial exchanges, impacting treatment decisions and patient outcomes. 

    How to Minimize Downtime for Cloud Communication: Questions to Ask Your Cloud Communication Provider:

    A service provider will normally provide annual uptime for their services in a Service Level Agreement also known as SLA. SLAs differ between providers, so it’s crucial to ask detailed questions about uptime guarantees:

        1. Data Redundancy: How does the provider ensure data is backed up and readily available in case of outages?
        2. Infrastructure Preparedness: How is the infrastructure designed to handle surges and potential disruptions specific to your business needs
        3. Testing and Disaster Recovery: Does the provider perform regular and rigorous testing to simulate real-world failures? Are test results shared with customers? 
        4. Business Continuity Plans: What disaster recovery plans are in place? How often are they revised and tested?
        5. Compensation: Is the SLA financially backed, is the customer entitled to compensation if downtime is more than the SLA states?

      How 101VOICE Ensures High Uptime and Maximizes Operational Reliability:

      101VOICE prioritizes several key aspects to ensure seamless communication for your business. Our FIVE 9s reliability is backed by robust infrastructure, rigorous testing procedures, comprehensive business continuity plans and financially-backed SLA.

        • Security: We use end-to-end encryption to keep customer data secure and private. This keeps your system secure and running from bad actors.
        • Network Optimization We adapt our voice services to meet the network requirements of each customer to ensure that regardless of location, everyone has a dependable service.
        • Site Survivability: When a network failure occurs, our solution can transition from the primary WAN to secondary or even tertiary WAN connections, keeping your phones online. Our cutting-edge failover technologies, supported by LTE and satellite options, give you guaranteed quick, reliable, and secure backup solutions. 
        • VBE Technology: Our VBE technology provides services to increase call quality, avoid dropped calls, and prioritize VoIP traffic during limited bandwidth 

        Our state-of the art VBE technology provides services to increase call quality, avoid dropped calls, and prioritize VoIP traffic during limited bandwidth

          • Hot Failover: Never drop a call with a persistent IP, seamlessly switch from one WAN connection to another without any session interruption.
          • Bandwidth Bonding: Combines the speed and bandwidth of multiple WAN connections.
          • WAN Smoothing: Increase your audio quality with WAN smoothing to create a single, jitter-free data stream.
          • VPN Connectivity: Protect your data at rest and in motion with VPN connectivity. 

          By partnering with a reliable cloud communication provider like 101VOICE, you can achieve the gold standard of uptime and ensure your business communication remains uninterrupted, protecting your operations and fostering success. Get a simpler and more reliable VoIP phone service with unlimited support, technical assistance, and software updates.

          Ensure business continuity with 101VOICE. Contact our team of experts for a free demo!

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